Florida, USA Tour

Florida, USA Tour

Dates of Tour: November 25th – 30th, 2011
Places: Florida (Entire seacoast of the state), Savannah (Georgia), Charleston (South Carolina)
Itinerary: http://bit.ly/FloridaKasim2011

It was an amazing tour which I will never forget. In order to remember the details we are summing-up the tour. Here it is;


Day 1: Rent a car, hang the amulet in rearview mirror (which we lost in the car later), fill the gas tank by yourself, set the GPS, hit the road, try find the highway, listen famous road trip songs, sometimes exit from the highway and stop at the rest areas, arrive the Tampa, find the hotel, search the area for Black Friday deals, try to sleep well (But we couldn’t).

Day 2: Drive until find the Gulf of Mexico, do not leave the seacoast, explore how this part of the world is beautiful, try to recharge camera battery nearest gas station, saw the sunset, reach the Miami, find the hotel, help a couple who comes from europe by given them an electricity converter to charge their devices, ramble in the city at the night, see the gorgeous city ligths, go back to hotel and try to sleep well (But we couldn’t again. I literally hate the Best Miami Hotel. It was ugly).

Day 3: Go to Miami Beach, drive along by Atlantic Ocean, stop by the beaches and walk by the ocean (Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Daytona Beach… all of them were incredible. I don’t know how to express my feelings. It was just like a magnificent dream), collect some seashell, suddenly realize that you are behind the schedule, drive faster, catch by police, get traffic ticket (Ben, “buralara geldi de bir trafik cezası yemeden döndü” dedirtmem kendime), discover the cruise control of the car, drive safe.

Day 4: Decide not to stay a hotel for that night and drive all night, sometimes stop the car in a safe place and take a nap for a while, find a 24 hours open McDonald’s and use their internet to find the next hotel you want to stay, arrive the destination, take a shower, get some rest, find an Outlet and make some shoping, go to Savannah (GA) and discover the historical city, find nearest Papa John’s and order 6 cheese pizza, turn back to the hotel, sleep like a baby.

Day 5: Set off for Charleston(SC), have a talk with your wife along the road, think about how fantastic and exhausting trip that you are in, reach the city, explore and shop around, take some pictures, drive to Atanta (home), quit from wrong exit in the 7-lane road, suffer, reach the home, try to find appropriate spot to park the car.


Here are the some pictures and videos from this tour.


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